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Willus' mission is to provide ERP to customers and extend it to customers, suppliers, and distributors. It provides solutions that apply the latest technology to help you quickly and easily obtain the information you need to manage your company.

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KOREA's only

Oracle JD Edwards ERP Provider

"Wilus uses Oracle technology to help you stay at the forefront of the market.
Oracle ERP JD Edwards,Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Specialist helps enterprises, multinationals, and midsize businesses adopt and optimize ERP solutions."

Wilus's Business Area

Willus is a top professional in the following areas of expertise.

Consulting Service

  • ERP Consulting
  • ISP Consulting
  • PI Consulting
  • System Integration Consulting

Business Solution

  • Oracle JD Edwards ERP
  • Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Maintenance Support

  • Oracle JD Edwards Maintenance
  • RF-SMART Barcode
  • Electronic Order System

Smart Factory Support

  • Linked Automation Solutions
  • Government Subsidy usage guideline
  • Project step-by-step Paperwork

“Implementation to Maintenance”
End-to-End Total Solution Provider Wilus

CEO's Message


Founded in 1998 and base in the Republic of Korea, Wilus is a trusted ERP software consulting company specialized in Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle Netsuite.

Through the diverse project experience in various industries such as Manufacture, Distribution, Pharmacy, Chemistry, we can position ourselves in leading in the ERP consulting field with exceptional technology and people. So as a market leader, we make a sustained effort to achieve the ultimate growth and revenue of our customers along with the establishment of system integration.

Therefore, have a long-term business partnership with Wilus, will lead you to success.


-     Poong Shin Group ERP Implementation Project


-     ZINUS ERP System Implementation (Indonesia)

-     Korea Gold Exchange Canias ERP System Implementation


-     DENSO Korea ERP System corporate Integration

-     Darin ERP System Implementation


-     Hite Jinro ERP System Implementation

-     Spiraxsarco Korea Barcoding (Singapore)

-     JCI Korea JDE ERP Upgrade

-     ZINUS ERP System Implementation (China)

-     Hyundi Pharm ERP Upgrade


-     Halla Cement ERP Upgrade

-     Spiraxsarco Korea ERP Upgrade

-     Sun Star ERP System Implementation

-     Sunchang ERP Upgrade


-     SECO ERP System Implementation

-     Spiraxsarco Korea ERP Upgrade

-     MMB(Mexico) ERP System Implementation


-     Omron Healthcare Korea Roll-Out

-     Edwards Lifesciences Korea Roll-Out

-     Lima Korea Roll-Out

-     GST ERP System Implementation


-     Korea Eundan ERP Upgrade

-     Covidien Korea Roll-Out

-     IDEX Korea ERP Consulting

-     Shell Korea ERP Upgrade


-     Spiraxsarco Korea System Improvement

-     KGC Lifengine ERP Implementation

-     Chosun Refractories ERP Upgrade

-     Shell Korea ERP Upgrade


-     Saeron Automotive ERP Implementation (Beijing)

-     MI3D Asia ERP Implementation

-     Autoliv System Integration Consulting

-     Michelin Korea Roll-Out

-     Doosan Electric BG overseas corporation Implementation

-     Samhwa Paper ERP Implementation


TREK ERP System Implementation      -

Foosung ERP System Implementation      -

Korea Eundan ERP System Implementation      -

Korea Refractories ERP System Implementation      -


Lapaz Halla Cement JDE ERP Upgrade      -

GSK ERP System Implementation      -

Doosan IFRS Implementation      -


Janssen JDE ERP Upgrade      -

Keyang Electric ERP System Implementation      -


Dole Korea ERP System Implementation     -

Kolmar Korea ERP System Implementation      -

CHodang Pharm ERP System Implementation      -


Alcon Korea ERP System Implementation      -

KC Feed ERP System Implementation      -

Canon Korea ERP System Implementation      -

OTIS ERP System Implementation      -


Emerson ERP System Implementation      -

Spiraxsarco Korea ERP Upgrade      -

MMB(Mexico) ERP System Implementation      -


Ness display ERP System Implementation      -

Hyundi Pharm ERP System Implementation      -

Heinz Korea ERP System Implementation      -

Lapaz Halla Cement ERP System Implementation      -


Borgwarner ERP System Implementation      -

DENSO Electric EPR System Implementation      -

Autoliv Mando ERP System Implementation      -

Premire Korea ERP System Implementation      -

Doosan TECH, Samhwacrown ERP System Implementation      -


gsk System Implementation      -


Green cross vaccine ERP System Implementation      -

Lapaz Gypsum EPR System Implementation      -

CHOSUN Refactories ERP System Implementation      -

Samyangsa System Implementation      -

(Shinhan Mills, Trade BU, Environment BU,
Feed BU, Medical BU, Food BU, Chemical BU)

Praxair Korea ERP System Implementation      -


-     Dongbang Electrics ERP System Implementation

-     Seagram Korea ERP System Implementation


-     Doosan Bio Tech BG ERP System Implementation

-     Doosan Living BG ERP System Implementation

-     Doosan Machinery BG ERP System Implementation

-     Doosan Food BG ERP System Implementation

-     Doosan Liquor BG ERP System Implementation

-     Doosan Trading BG ERP System Implementation

-     Wyeth Korea ERP System Implementation

-     Gucci Korea ERP System Implementation


Wilus is the best ERP consulting company with numeroussuccessful Oracle JD Edwards implementation cases and experts withthe best technical and consulting skills.

Our consultants are the nation's best professionals invarious industries and business fields. Not only possessing aknowledge of the software, but also have insights into analyzingthe customer's request and give adequate advice in need ofimprovements. And the employment period of our consultants isincomparable with that of the competitors.

Principal Consultant

Experts with more than 15 years of experience

Senior Consultant

Experts with more than 6 years of experience


Experts with less than 6 years of experience


Willus uses optimized methodologies to introduce systems quickly and efficiently. The process is systematically defined, set up, and tested by applying proven methodologies to the introduction of various customers.

Experienced Willus consultants gain core competencies by identifying management elements within procedures and organizational systems.

Process Innovation

  • Rebuild Information System
  • Management innovation through information service
  • Master Plan Establishment
  • Core Process Improvements
  • Total Value Management

Through the application of the adequate methodology accepted by the different customers, the business processes are systematically defined, set and tested.


  • Process Documentation
  • Business Case Development
  • Data Purge & Archive
  • System check-up on Software
  • Workshop for Upgrade Plan

Provides customized training options for your training needs: The training curriculum, materials designed for your individual environment.


  • Understanding Customer Environment
  • Online Error Diagnosis
  • Application Evaluation
  • Mobile Training Support
* Experience the training sessions with Gnowbe.

The number of 'System Live' support personnel determines the natural implementation of new processes. Willus’ consultants support knowledge transfer after the go-live.

Live Support

  • A Partner, Not just a Supplier
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Base Program Analysis
  • Add-On Program Considerations


Willus' mission is to supply the ERP software with the latest technology to customers, suppliers, and distributors. We aim to support the customers to quickly and easily gather the information they need for the business with our software.

JD Edward Enterprise One

  • All supports business fields via 30 Industry-related modules.
  • Maximized Flexibility, Expandability, and Integrity.
  • Oracle bundle delivers ease of development and lowest TCO.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

  • The World’s First Cloud ERP solution
  • Low Implementation Cost.
  • Strengths in the Finance.
  • Supports all over the world for 24 hours, more than 30 languages over 180 countries.

ISP / PI Consulting

  • PI prior to the Implementation of the ERP solution.
  • Ensured ISP/PI consulting and implementation.
  • Maximize the productivity with process and IT innovation.



Oracle JDE 및 NetSuite ERP와 관련한 소식을 Wilus Blog와 함께 확인해보세요.

Remote Support

Wilus' consultants support the knowledge transfer
with the Team Viewer after the go-live.


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Customer support services through
our own maintenance program known as WMSP.